December Sunrise

Penny and I awoke today to a glorious sunrise here at Saint Laurent.

There is always much to do. Today it is was road maintenance. After a couple of hours of essential office duties, the team (Geoff and Penny) were out in the sunshine attending to some of the potholes in the driveway.

As they say, a stitch in time .......


Over the weekend we bought a live Christmas tree in a pot. Penny decorated it, and tonight we are sitting in the warmth of a blazing fire, enjoying it.

The first batch of mince pies is in the oven, we have sampled our sloe gin, we are trying to decide whether we like medlars, and life is good. 

Roll on Christmas.


  1. Val STINTON

    It all sounds idyllic and you have worked so hard – well done. Enjoy your first real Christmas in your home in France.

  2. Tricia

    Wow how wonderful! You never shy away from hard work do you. You deserve your lovely time in South Africa with all the family. We hope to be in Europe next September, so all going well we may be able to see you. Darryl applied to the board at Screen Australia for funding for his movie, Alison. The stage musical has been re-written and expanded, and is now “A Perfect World”. He has a great team with him, producers, director, music director etc. so fingers crossed.
    Love to all from Darryl and all of us “down under”.

  3. Geoff Douglas (Post author)

    Thank you, Tricia. Darryl’s news is so exciting. Penny and I are holding thumbs. Hoping to see you here next September. Love, Geoff and Penny


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